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ICAO Secretariat:
The International Co-operative Agricultural Organization (ICAO) Secretariat has been hosted by the International Cooperation Office of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) since 1998. A long-standing member of the International Cooperative Alliance, the NACF represents the interests of agricultural cooperatives in Korea.

Jong-wook Lee - Secretary General
In 1998, Mr. Lee began his career at Nonghyup Bank - a subsidiary of the NACF. He has since engaged in a variety of activities within the NACF including business planning, Nonghyup Hanaro Marts, grain and ginseng divisions, to name but a few. He has also worked at the NACF Representative Office in Japan, where he was tasked with work on international cooperation and trading. More recently, he was the deputy head of the NACF regional office for Chungnam, where he was responsible for supporting agribusiness in Chungnam Province. During his term, he was able to once again learn the importance of agriculture and its benefits to rural dwellers.

A lifelong employee at the NACF, Mr. Lee appreciates the role of cooperatives in the growth of rural communities and the importance of the ICAO’s support for its members. “Under my leadership”, he says, “the ICAO Secretariat will remain committed to providing ICAO members with the support they need to grow as cooperatives and improve the quality of life for their own members”. “We will also continue to lead by example in implementing the 2017 ICAO Declaration of Ambitions.”

Contact Information
Email: nacfico@nonghyup.com
Tel: +82-2-2080-6120
Gwangseog Hong - Deputy Secretary General
Hong is an agricultural economist by training and has contributed to the Korean agricultural co-operative movement for over two decades. From 2011 to 2014, He served ICA as an agricultural advisor. Thanks to his extensive experience as an agriculture expert, he maintains a strong global network of cooperators in agriculture.

His area of interest includes rural development with a special focus on co-operative business models and co-operative training in developing countries.

He studied agricultural finance, rural development and social capital at Seoul National University and the Ohio State University.
Sunkyoung Choi - Communication Officer
Mr. Sunkyoung Choi completed a BA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne, Australia. After returning to Korea, he performed his compulsory military duty in the Eighth United States Army. He then entered Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea where he did a MA degree in Korean-English Interpretation and Translation. Having developed a keen interest in global affair, Mr. Choi believes he can play an important role as ICAO Communication Officer in facilitating communication between the ICAO and its member cooperatives.

Contact Information
Email: icaocommunication@gmail.com
Tel: +82-2-2080-6125